Title Scripture Speaker Date
The Incredible Joy in Salvation Jeff Knepper 2019-10-06
Christ and Christ Alone Jeff Knepper 2019-09-29
Praying For Others Jeff Knepper 2019-09-22
Closing Words Jeff Knepper 2019-09-15
Final Words of Encouragement Jeff Knepper 2019-09-08
God is Still Speaking Today Jeff Knepper 2019-09-01
Consolation and Caution Jeff Knepper 2019-08-18
The Great Contrast: Law vs Grace Jeff Knepper 2019-08-18
The Lords Loving Chastisement Jeff Knepper 2019-08-11
Faith On Display Jeff Knepper 2019-07-28
Warning and Encouragement Jeff Knepper 2019-07-21
From The Mouth of God Jeff Knepper 2019-07-07
Christ, the Fulfillment o Promise Jeff Knepper 2019-06-30
Ceremony Vs. Certainty Jeff Knepper 2019-06-23
Christ Lives Forever, For Us Jeff Knepper 2019-06-09
Christ, A Better Priesthood Jeff Knepper 2019-06-02
Reflecting God's Glory Matthew Winters 2019-05-26
Reaching Rock Bottom Jeff Knepper 2019-05-19
Our Security is Sure and Steadfast Jeff Knepper 2019-05-12
Admonishing and Encouraging Jeff Knepper 2019-05-05


Bible Reading Plan

2 Samuel 19-21

Verse of the Day

Psalm 14:1
The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.

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